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Archaeological Science

Yesterday, I created the Journal Polls websiteto help authors and readers discover trusted journals. Do you know and trust this journal?

Journal Polls

Official journal website:  Journal of Archaeological Science

1. Give a quick overall rating

2. Join our never-ending poll

3. Tell us more?
If you would like to recommend a related journal for polling, please contact us

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Sans Science

Sans Science is a thoughtful Australian science blog from a biologist and science communication expert. Highly recommended.

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Here is a list of popular blogging platforms. They are probably all good for science-blogging purposes, but some may be better than others for particular purposes, such us displaying photos, or videos, or for hosting formal research publications (newsletters, e-journals, and the like).

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About the Research Cooperative at Wordpress

The Research Cooperative is an international network of researchers, editors, translators, illustrators and publishers. Our blog at WordPress has two main goals:

1. To encourage the use of blogs as a medium for science communication, and as a medium for gaining experience in science writing.

2. To encourage WordPress bloggers to interact with or join the Research Cooperative in order to develop and promote their work, and to seek help from others (e.g. for editing or translation).

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Wordpress as a medium for research communication

WordPress is one of the oldest free online publishing services in existence. Here, as an occasional activity of the Research Cooperative, we will explore the world of WordPress sites to see how researchers and publishers have used WordPress as a medium for research communication

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Hello world!

If you are a member of the Research Cooperative, and already have a blog, please join our group Research Co-op Bloggers. We welcome links to sites created in any language by researchers, illustrators, language specialists, publishers and others involved in research communication.


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